Woolson Chosen as Iowa GOP Strategist for Public Radio’s “Primary Frontline Pen Pals” Project

Eric Woolson, President/CEO of The Concept Works, Inc., will participate in a project by public radio stations in New Hampshire and Iowa to provide voters with real-time impressions of the 2004 presidential campaign.


Called the “Primary Frontline Pen Pals” New Hampshire Public Radio and KUNI Public Radio in Cedar Falls has “ brought together a mix of experts and regular voters to pass notes back and forth about the campaign action they see and hear on their home turf.”


Woolson was chosen as the Republican strategist from Iowa. He teams with Brian McCabe from New Hampshire to provide “The GOP View.”


Woolson owns The Concept Works, a West Des Moines, Iowa, firm that specializes in government, public and media relations and crisis management for corporations, nonprofit organizations and political clients. Woolson was the Waterloo Courier’s political reporter from 1984-93 and its editorial page editor from 1994-96 during a 20-year journalism career in Iowa that included coverage of numerous presidential aspirants. He served as communications director for Gov. Terry Branstad from 1996-99 and GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Gross in 2002. He also was Iowa communications director for the George W. Bush for President Campaign in 1999 and 2000 and international media coordinator for the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia.


He was recently named to the volunteer board of Iowans with Disabilities in Action, a campaign to empower Iowans with disabilities to assert their rights to participation in the political process. The campaign, also called ID Action, promotes a range of activities from voter registration to issues advocacy on behalf of Iowans with disabilities.


McCabe is a partner in DCI Group, LLC, a corporate public affairs company. He is also one of the founding partners and CEO of CustomScoop, an electronic news clipping service specializing in corporate public policy tracking. Prior to starting with DCI Group, Mr. McCabe served as Campaign Manager for Senator Bob Dole’s New Hampshire primary campaign. Mr. McCabe’s other political experience includes managing congressional and gubernatorial races, legislative experience on Capitol Hill and work on the Republican National Convention.


The “Primary Frontline Pen Pals” project website address is www.nhpr.org/blogs/penpals2004