Woolson Article on Los Angeles Bond Referendum Hits Cover of Current “Stormwater”

The City of Los Angeles’ $500-million bonding referendum to improve its stormwater system is the subject of Stormwater magazine’s latest cover story, authored by Eric Woolson, owner of The Concept Works.


“This story combines a number of my favorite interests – politics, public policy, public relations, community infrastructure and environmental protection,” Woolson said. “This writing project deepened my knowledge of the planning, policies and politics necessary to advance stormwater utilities and infrastructure projects. It also underscores the value of public and media relations in this arena of growing importance in communities across the nation.”


Woolson’s articles appear regularly in publications owned by Forester Communications, a Santa Barbara, Calif.-based company, (www.forester.net). His latest piece, “Passing Proposition O”, is available at http://www.forester.net/sw_0503_proposition.html. It also appears in the March/April 2005 issue of Stormwater magazine.


The Concept Works, a West Des Moines, Iowa, firm, specializes in government, public and media relations and crisis management for corporations, nonprofit organizations and political clients.