Woolson Article on Davenport Utility’s Challenges Highlights Current “Stormwater”

A contentious debate over the creation of a stormwater utility in the city of Davenport, Iowa, is the subject of an article, written by Eric Woolson, in the latest issue of Stormwater magazine.


The story begins, “Recognizing the value of forming a stormwater utility, Davenport city officials brought citizens and business leaders into the discussion early and often. They received anything but appreciation for their efforts. What’s a local government to do when the best-laid plans go awry?”

Woolson’s articles appear regularly in publications owned by Forester Communications, a Santa Barbara, Calif.-based company, (www.forester.net).


“The story of Davenport’s newly formed stormwater utility demonstrates the immense value of public relations activities and community outreach,” said Woolson, owner of The Concept Works, Inc., a West Des Moines, Iowa, public and government relations firm. “It’s a story in which you can’t help but feel a great deal of empathy for city officials and yet it’s equally easy to appreciate some of the frustration that is voiced by the business community and local taxpayers. There are some valuable lessons for public officials in the Davenport saga.”


The Concept Works, a West Des Moines, Iowa, firm, specializes in government, public and media relations and crisis management for corporations, nonprofit organizations and political clients.