Baxter “Thrilled” with Committee Assignments; Named to Economic Development, Environmental Protection and Judiciary Roles

GARNER – State Rep.-elect Terry Baxter has been appointed to the Economic Development, Environmental Protection and Judiciary committees and named vice chair of the House Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee in the upcoming session of the Iowa General Assembly.

“I couldn’t be happier with these assignments. In fact, I’m thrilled and looking forward to getting to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle,” Baxter said today. “I know it’s no small task for leaders to balance individual members’ interests and expertise with the big-picture needs and demands of the chamber and the public. The committees I’ll serve on have a direct impact on the lives of House District 8 and its residents.”

Baxter, a Republican whose party holds a 57-43 advantage in the House, said his work on the Judiciary Committee will give him an opportunity to work directly on legislation to protect older Iowans from financial abuse by caregivers. He expressed an interest last month to work on that issue with Rep. Chip Baltimore, a Boone Republican who has supported criminal penalties for people who commit financial abuses against elderly Iowans and intends to reintroduce legislation in the upcoming session.

During the campaign, Baxter pledged to devote energy to rural economic develop to boost employment opportunities and income in House District 8 — which includes all of Hancock, Wright and Kossuth counties — as well as the rest of the state. In his subcommittee vice chair role, Baxter will be deeply involved in creating and enacting the state’s economic development budget.

As an avid outdoorsman and supporter of Iowa agriculture, Baxter said he will feel “right at home discussing the challenges and opportunities we face as a state in caring for our land and water.”

“There are a number of competing interests and viewpoints. There are areas of common ground and times where people disagree. I want to exercise common sense to do what’s best for our district on all issues and the environment is no exception,” Baxter said.

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